"Our motivation is to keep the action sports industry in good shape. is there to bridge the gap between sales professionals and brands, as we understand that having the right distribution company or sales agent is key to a brand’s success”.
Cepten, Muck & Kone - founders of



BECAUSE WE HAVE A MARKETING STRATEGY will create interest in the b2b sectors by communicating with a broad but industry-specific audience. We will also use our extensive contacts within special interest magazines to get the message out. will attend all the relevant tradeshows to raise awareness of the brand as well as present your ads to the target audience. Search Engine Optimization is also key - which is why we’re going to namedrop some of the marginalized action sports: Wakeboard Job, Wakeskate Job, BMX Job, Telemark Job, FMX Job, Kite Job, Windsurf Job, Windskate Job, Snowkite Job, Climbing Job, Paragliding Job, Canyoning Job, Kayak Job, Rafting Job, Slackline Job, Inlineskate Job, Scooter Job


Working closely with brands and distributors in the action sports sector we recognised the need for an all-encompassing platform for European jobs. Many actions sports are similar in nature and demand the same qualities of their distributors and sales agents, therefore creating was a no-brainer.



BECAUSE YOU GENERATE VISIBILITY IN YOUR TARGET COUNTRY (WITH MINIMAL INVESTMENT) is the only website to connect brands distributors, sales agents and future employees across all action sports all over Europe. There may be some special interest media channels that serve individual sports but by advertising with them you won’t touch base with sales experts distribution companies or candidates outside of your specific sport.
By advertising with your reach is not only pan-European but you will also be talking to the right people who want to represent your brand in the countries where you want it to be.