We’ve made the pricing on as accessible as possible, giving you the lowest price that we can. For this reason prices are fixed and non-negotiable.


You can choose between a “Regular“ ad, which allows you to search for a distributor / sales agent in a maximum of two countries, or a “Multi Region“ ad for more than two countries or sales areas. It is not possible to look for „distributors all over Europe“ with one ad. You have to select specific countries and/or Sales regions to make your ad work. We have to be strict about these parameters to safeguard the usability of and to guarantee that your position receives maximum visibility.

REGULAR DISTRIBUTOR / SALE AGENT AD: € 500 (max. 2 regions)

MULTI REGION DISTRIBUTOR / SALE AGENT AD  € 700 (more than 2 regions)

Each DISTRIBUTOR / SALES AGENT ad will stay on the page for six months. Please inform us if one of the sales regions is taken so we can update the ad and the filter option.

Board companies - snow, surf, skate - please contact Clive Reply for more information and bookings:

Bike, Ski and other Action Sports companies - please contact us for more information and bookings:



Payment terms

You’ll receive a receipt on the return of a completed Order Form. Please pay your invoice within 14 days - otherwise we’ll remove your ad and call in the heavies.

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