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As a Freelance you can present yourself and your portfolio on the site.

We’ll need to evaluate you through a set of questions, as we need to vet applicants to maintain a high level of freelancers on the site. This will ensure that both you and clients get the best out of the site.

Please download our "freelancer’s application sheet"

Please send back the complete form to

Once your Freelancer’s Application Sheet is accepted you need to send us the following:

1.) A completed Info Sheet: this details your field of work, address and a bunch of other administrative stuff to ensure that your profile is in the right place and that all filters on it are working properly.

Please download the freelancers INFO SHEET here.

2.) Logo / representative image for Preview Card: Size and format: 1200px x 780px RGB | 72dpi PDF, PNG or JPEG. If you don’t send us an image we will use our default image.

3.) Freelancer’s Introductory PDF: This is a vertical A4 PDF (size: 210mm x 297mm | RGB | 96dpi (min)). We recommend that your introduction is written in English but other languages are also fine, depending on the nationality of the clients you want to attract (don't forget to include an email, location, your native language and additional languages).
Optional you can send us the Extended Introductory PDF: of a maximum of 4 pages of A4 (size: 210mm x 297mm | RGB | 96dpi or 2 double spreads size: 297mm x 420mm | RGB | 96dpi).
If you want to update your PDF once it is on the site you can send us a new one and we change it for you.

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