Creating a job ad

Placing a JOB AD on is easy. We need from you:

1.) Logo/ representative image of your brand (1200px x 780px/72dpi pdf or jpg)

2.) Job Ad (Vertical A4 pdf - 210mm x 297mm/ 96dpi)

3.) Filled in ORDER FORM and INFO FORM  - Here you can download the ORDER FORM and INFO FORM

Please find details about the pricing in the ORDER FORM.


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About Preview Card

The Preview Card delivers a concise overview of the vacancy to the job seeker.

1.) Logo / representative image for Preview Card

Size and format: 1200px x 780px | RGB | 72dpi PDF or JPEG
We recommend that your logo is presented on a plain background or pattern that best represents your brand or field of work.
If you do not have a logo you can provide a picture or graphic that represents your company or field of work.

Logo on a plain background
Logo on a pattern




Job Ad

Please provide a vertical A4 PDF:

Size: 210mm x 297mm | RGB | 96dpi (min)

Your job ad must contain:

  • Job title
  • Location (Country / city)
  • Contact details – at least an email address

Your job ad should also contain: (but keep it short and simple)

  • Job description
  • Key requirements
  • What additional incentives you offer the future employee (What makes your offer unique?)

Language of the job ad:

Your job ad does not have to be in English – For example if the job demands that the employee only speaks French in France then the ad can be in French.

Font Size: recommends a minimum font size of 14pt. for text  - depending on style. 

Click here to view font size sample chart



actionsportsJOB categories

categories this are the jobs that are fitting in the category
Senior Management Director, CEO, Brand Manager, Business
Sales Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Rep,
Marketing Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant, Team Manager, Event Manager, Retail Marketing, ...
Product Product Manager, Product Development, Apparel Designer, Product Designer, Engineering, Purchasing, ...
Creative Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web-Designer, Video Producer, Photographer, ...
Communications PR Manager, PR Assistant, Editor, Social Media Expert, ...
Finance Controller, Accounts Manager, Accounts Assistant, ...
Administrations Executive Secretary, PA, HR, Legal, Warehouse Staff, ...
IT Webmaster, Programmer, Server Administrator, Web/ App Developer, ...
Retail Shop Manager, Shop Kid, ...
Intern/ Trainee




Key tags for Action sports categories

For search functions that will be implemented in the future on the page, needs to know the sport categories in which your job ad should appear.

(Job order from, page 3)

BOARD (General) Surfboard, Snowboard, Skateboard, Wake- board, Wakeskate, SUP, Bodyboard, Dirtboard
SURFBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
SNOWBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
SKATEBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
WAKEBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
BIKE (General) Mountainbike, BMX Dirt, BMX Street, Roadbike
MOUNTAINBIKE Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
SKI (General) Freeski, Telemark, Touring Ski
FREESKI Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
MOTO FMX, Dirt Car
WIND Kiteboard, Windsurf, Windskate, Snowkite
WHEELS IN LINE Stuntscooter, Inlineskate
OUTDOOR EXTEME Climbing, Iceclimbing, Paragliding, Canyoning, Kayak, Rafting, Slackline, Wingsuit