Creating of a Distributor / Sales Agent ad!

Placing an DISTRIBUTOR/ SALES AGENT AD on is easy. We need from you:

1.) Logo/ representative image of your brand (1200px x 780px/72dpi pdf or jpg)

2.) Distributor/ Sales Agent Ad (Vertical A4 pdf - 210mm x 297mm/ 96dpi)

Board companies - snow, surf, skate - please contact Clive Ripley for more information and bookings:

Bike, Ski and other Action Sports companies - please contact us for more information and bookings:



About Preview Card

The Preview Card delivers a concise overview of the vacancy to the job seeker.

1.) Logo / representative image for Preview Card

Size and format: 1200px x 780px | RGB | 72dpi PDF or JPEG
We recommend that your logo is presented on a plain or representative background E.g., use the logo of the brand you are looking for as a Distributor / Sales Agent or use the logo of your distribution company.

Logo on a plain background
Logo on a pattern




Keywords / description in brief for Preview Card

Please fill in the Keywords and Sales Region(s) that appear on your preview Card:
(Distribution order form, page 2)

Position: Either “Distributor“ and or “Sales Agent“ // also add brand name to be distributed if necessary. 

Brand or company: Name of your company. This can either be the name of your Distribution Company that is looking for a Sales Agent or your corporate name if you are the Headquarters of a brand.

Region(s): Country(s) / Region(s) where the new distributor(s) or Sales Agent (s) are to sell your brand. 



Keywords for the filter

On those looking for distribution can filter by the following categories:

  • Job
  • Location

 Obligatory options for JOB 

  • Distributor
  • Sales Agent




    Single Distributor Ad allows you to select one country or region OR you can select five countries or regions with the Multi Distributor Ad.

    Business Regions shortform
    Baltikum BLT
    Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg BENELUX
    Countries Shortform
    Austria AUT
    Belgium BEL
    Croatia CRO
    Czech Republik CZE
    Denmark DEN
    Finland FIN
    France FRA
    Germany GER
    Hungary HUN
    Ireland IRL
    Italy ITA
    Liechtenstein LIE
    Luxembourg LUX
    Netherlands NED
    Norway NOR
    Poland POL
    Portugal POR
    Slovakia SVK
    Slovenia SLO
    Spain ESP
    Sweden SWE
    Switzerland SUI
    United Kingdom GBR




    Distributor / Sales Agent Ad

    Please provide an A4 PDF, in vertical format:

    Size: 210mm x 297mm | RGB | 96dpi

    Your ad must contain:

    • Distribution category - are you looking for a Distribution Company, Distributor or a Sales Agent?
    • Country of Distribution - in which country or countries are you looking for a Distributor / Sales Agent?
    • Contact details – email address or more

    Your Distributor / Sales Agent ad can also contain

    • Brief description of the brand (keep it short and simple)

    Language of the job ad:

    Your Distributor / Sales Agent ad does not have to be in English. E.g., if you are looking for somebody in France your ad can be in French. 

    Font Size recommends a minimum font size of 14pt. for text  - depending on style.

    Click here to view font size sample chart



    Key tags for Action sports categories

    For search functions that will be implemented in the following page, needs to know the sport categories in which your brand is active.

    (Distribution order form, page 3)

    BOARD (General) Surfboard, Snowboard, Skateboard, Wake- board, Wakeskate, SUP, Bodyboard, Dirtboard
    SURFBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    SNOWBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    SKATEBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    WAKEBOARD Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    BIKE (General) Mountainbike, BMX Dirt, BMX Street, Roadbike
    MOUNTAINBIKE Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    SKI (General) Freeski, Telemark, Touring Ski
    FREESKI Your Ad will displaied inthis categorie only
    MOTO FMX, Dirt Car
    WIND Kiteboard, Windsurf, Windskate, Snowkite
    WHEELS IN LINE Stuntscooter, Inlineskate
    OUTDOOR EXTEME Climbing, Iceclimbing, Paragliding, Canyoning, Kayak, Rafting, Slackline, Wingsuit